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Our Infant room is designed to make the Infants feel like they are at home. The teachers are attentive, loving and in tune to the needs of each infant. They are held while being fed, rocked to sleep and placed in a crib with their own blanket. The parents let us know their schedule at home and we try to keep that schedule as close as we can.

Toddlers are curious children that are learning to explore. Even though we have a schedule to follow, we let the children guide is to how long their attention span is and we follow their needs. We introduce them to large motor skills as well as small motor skills. We do art that helps them to express themselves. We also introduce numbers, shapes, colors and letters of the alphabet.

Two year olds are developing listening skills. They follow their schedule closer and therefore they are learning patience and focusing. Art is an important part of the schedule for expressing themselves and being proud with the outcome of their projects. They are taught to speak in sentences and talk to their friends to help settle differences. They are happy children with a lot of energy.

Three year olds are learning the alphabet and the sounds of the letters. They have mastered numbers, colors and shapes. They are learning through play and songs. We try to make it fun in learning. They are mastering following directions and setting still in circle time. We are grooming them to move on to Pre-Kindergarten.

Four year olds or Pre-Kindergarten is patterned after a Kindergarten class. We do a circle talking about the alphabet and the sounds of each letter. We introduce long and short vowels. They are counting to 100 and know how to problem solve. We do centers and the children receive homework packets so they become accustomed to doing homework. They have fun in class and enjoy the many activities.

Why You should choose us

Academic Learning Through Play

When you enroll your child he or she will receive academic learning through play.

Experience With Children

Our staff has the training and experience to provide your child with top shelf care and teaching.

Peace Of Mind

We run a clean, safe, accountable facility designed to provide the best learning environment for your child.

Four Seasons Preschool Academy

Learning Through Play

Frequently Asked Questions

At Four Seasons Academy Preschool we know you have questions as a parent. We are parents also and we know your need to have all of your questions answered. After all it is important to get the facts when you are making a decision regarding your child’s care.

We have compiled a short list of our most frequently asked questions to better assist you in making the choice to enroll your child with Four Seasons Academy Preschool.

If you need more information you can get in touch with us or call us at 209-824-7000. We are happy to help!

How do I enroll?

If you would like to come in and tour the facility and then we will give you the packet to enroll based on availability.

Do I have to make an appointment in order to the see the school prior to enrollment?

We don’t ask for you to make an appointment you can come in at your convenience. If you would like to see the children doing activities you wouldn’t want to come in at rest time.

How long is your waiting list?

Each waiting list is different and it also depends on the days and amount of days that people are waiting for. Also if you have more than one child we wouldn’t call unless we were able to accommodate both children.

What is the procedure for releasing a child to someone other than a parent at the end of the day?

We will not release a child to anyone who is not on the emergency form under who can take the child from the center. This person including the parents will be asked to provide photo ID if the teacher or staff has never seen them before.

Is the same teacher in class with the kids the entire day?

Yes, the same teachers are in the classroom with your child every day.

What is the procedure for disenrolling a child from the school?

If the you want to disenroll your child(ren) we need a 2 week written notice. If we want to terminate a child we can do this without notice immediately.

What People Are Saying

Thank you and your staff for all that you have done with Jacob. He is eager and excited to learn and shares his day with us when he gets home from Four Seasons Academy. His teacher has always been great at communicating with me on how Jake is doing in class. I am so proud that he has been a part of Four Seasons for as long as he has.


Thank you so much for the wonderful care your school provides. My husband and I have been happy with the quality care. It is so nice to know that Ben is in great hands when we are at work. The school is always so clean and nice and Ben is always happy to go to school. His teacher is committed to my sons’ well being and learning.


We have really enjoyed having Ryan at your school. He is always excited to go to school, and never fails to tell us about all of the things he has learned in class. We know as he advances to
Kindergarten he will be fully prepared to move forward. Thank you so much for the wonderful care you have given our son.